Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Info, GITS Goodies and a Play.com Sale!

Quite an exciting week for me, First up i got an Elfen Lied t-shirt printed (will try and get some pics later), although i would have prefered to have had the t-shirt black (i had optimised the images for a black t-shirt) the guys that i had print it had a problem with their printers printing onto black and couldnt get it sorted until around the start of November... Much too late for the October London Expo lol.

Second up, I recieved my Gurren Lagann part two's today. Since opening the box, rummaging through all the leaflets (essentially SPAM) that amazon sent with them (I expect because it was such a large order) I've been regretting passing up on the Gurren Lagann part 1 that i posted up here a while ago for £12.99, now the cheapest available seems to be about £24.99!! Damnit X-/

Third, a NON-Anime related bit of info... Halo 3 ODST came out today, although when i got home i realised the guy at Game "Forgot" to include the Srgt Johnson pack, although a friend went in and asked about it and i can go in whenever i like and pick one up :P

Finally, at fourth we have the Death Note boxset :D
Only 6 more days to go, including delivery time... Say about 8/9 days to go :P I seriously cant wait X-D!!!

Ghost In The Shell Goodies:

A WHOPPING 75% off!!
Though, you wont get free delivery unless you spend more than £5, so if its just GITS 1&2 you're after head on over to play.com for a penny extra!

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Trilogy Box Set

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Trilogy Box Set

RRP: £34.29 You Save: £25.80

DVD £8.49 Free Delivery

Buy Now


- Spirited Away - £6.99!
- Ghibli Films (other than ^) - £7.99!

Now for a final last note, I promised the Guys at Ellawear Designs I'd pass round a few of their business cards. So why not mention them on here too ^_^

If you're in the Cannock/Staffordshire area and want a custom T-Shirt, take a trip to the Cannock indoor market.
For only £12 they printed me an Elfen Lied T-Shirt that i designed (photos will be up later), front and back printing too!

They're ALOT cheaper than anywhere online i could find, the minimum being £15 odd, but ofcourse delivery would take a few weeks for that!

The quality of the print is excellent, admittedly the front of the shirt is a little dark but thats only because its a shot of Lucy holding the gun (which ofcourse is at night, so obviously has dark colours).

If you've designed anything and are thinking of paying a company almost £20 to print you a t-shirt, head on over to Cannock Market Stall 12 for a saving of roughly £8!

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