Saturday, 25 July 2009

This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Complete Set £9.98

Damn, a month ago (to the day infact) i paid £2 more than this >:-/
I dont know whether i would consider it Great or Excellent, alot of people think this failed as Gainaxs 20th anniversary release but i disagree...

*Small Spoilers*

I enjoyed it alot, it was funny and cheesy to begin with, once you figure out whats going on with all the "i'm a normal boy on a bike, oh would you look at that a naked girl lets tell her i'll be with her forever OMGWTH A MONSTER! Lets instantly change into something freaky and kill it without knowing a thing about whats happening!".
Once you get past the first episode confusion you're alright, fanservice steps in but in a good way (unlike NAJICA! Ewwwwwwww! What crap that was!), anyway, it doesnt go majorly over the top, but theres a good amount of it until near enough the end where everything starts to make more sense and fit together (to some degree), while turning alot more serious than most of the previous episodes.

Give it a go, its worth it :)

Dont forget to check back over offers i've posted in the last week or two, some offers may still be available.

Full Metal Panic Box set and FUMOFFU Box set

Before you take a look, theres one in stock at the first site (, the next cheapest is amazon.

Availability: 1 In Stock at our Dispatch Warehouse. Dispatched within 24 hours, please allow around 2 - 4 days for delivery.

Buy For Only: £22.16
(Including FREE UK P&P)

Click Here

Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU Complete Boxset (4 Discs)

Full Metal Panic? FUMOFFU Complete Boxset (4 Discs)

£16.99 Free Delivery

RRP: £39.99 | You save: £23.00 (57%)

Usually dispatched within 4-5 days

Click Here

The next cheapest for FUMOFFU is a site called, but even that is still £21.

Full Metal Panic definately is one of those Animes that you should watch, it has humor, mechas, more humor... and more mechas! :D What else could you want?!
The opening scene to the first episode is (in my opinion) the best serious scene of the whole series because it starts by throwing you into such a cool looking environment, with cool looking mechs, with a great soundtrack to go with it!
Some people dont like the constant switching between being humorous and being serious though, which is why two spinoff series were made (one serious and one a whole lotta laughs)... Unfortunately i cant find the TSR series at a price i would call an "offer" so you'll have to make do with this, but keep an eye out in the future :D

Anyway, I've got a copy of FUMOFFU coming :) So i'm happy now :D

Dont forget to check back over offers i've posted in the last week or two, some offers may still be available.

Negima series 2 Preorder £8.98

Heard alot about Negima, now theres a second series out i'll be more perswaded to try the first lol.

HMV is a penny extra incase you dislike Amazon, other than that i cant find any prices less than £12, hence me listing a dvd with less than 60% saving :)

Dont forget to check back over offers i've posted in the last week or two, some offers may still be available.

Excellent offers STILL Available:

Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Tin Box Set

Buy Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: Collection [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with .  Another great DVD choice at  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

Just £27.99

RRP £99.99

Karas double pack & Blueray preorder

Karas - Part 1 And 2 Double Pack

Karas - Part 1 And 2 Double Pack DVD

RRP: £29.49 You Save: 75%

Our Price: £7.43

Click Here

Karas Collection

Karas Collection

RRP: £19.79 You Save: £6.90

Blu-ray £12.89 Free Delivery

Click Here

If you're a fan of Anime with 3D integration you should love this, Great artwork and character designs with a somewhat indepth story (albeit confusing and difficult to follow at times) it certainly deserved the 8/10 i gave it on MyAnimeList.
I wasnt especially too keen on some of the 3D character designs, but the rest makes up for that :)

Anyway, Grab a deal - i paid roughly £12 for the double feature set a few weeks back...
I thought i might as well include the blueray preorder even if its not a 60% or more saving, just because i found it and it should look awesome in blueray.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Naruto Goodies

I was thinking that, because of the sheer volume of Anime thats been released in the past that has been reduced to generate more sales, i should implement a minimum % saving on everything i list here, otherwise i'd essentially be listing anything and everything i find that is a year or more old.
So from now on, i will only list Anime with savings of 60% or more, with a preference for a 70% or more saving.
Aswell as this, anything that may prove popular or well below the pricing of other stores.

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow

Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow

£3.99 Free Delivery

RRP: £17.99 | You save: £14.00 (77%)

Usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks

Click Here

Naruto The Movie 2: Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel [DVD]

Series :

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 1

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 1 DVD

RRP: £39.29 You Save: 62%

Our Price: £14.93

Click Here

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 2 Box Set

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 2 Box Set

RRP: £39.29 You Save: £24.40

DVD £14.89 Free Delivery

Click Here

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 3

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 3

RRP: £39.29 You Save: £24.40

DVD £14.89 Free Delivery

Click Here

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 4

Naruto Unleashed - Complete Series 4

RRP: £39.29 You Save: £24.40

DVD £14.89 Free Delivery

Click Here

Movie or OVA?
Naruto: The Lost Story

Naruto: The Lost Story

£3.99 Free Delivery

RRP: £12.99 | You save: £9.00 (69%)

Click Here

Despite its popularity i only really know of one person who enjoys Naruto, must also admit that i wasnt too impressed by the few episodes that i watched (which were a looooooong time ago), so i might stream a few eps first then decide from there if its worth buying :)

Origin Spirits of the past Blueray Preorder

Another preorder now, this time theres two sites cheaper than the rest:

Origin Spirits Of The Past - The Movie

Origin Spirits Of The Past - The Movie Blu-ray

RRP: £24.99 You Save: 40%

Our Price: £14.93

Pre-order now for delivery on 03 August 2009

So you've either got:


The Hut

Place an order where your trust lies in these two, personally i'd go for lovefilm as its more well known.

Also, i've just come across a deal for lovefilm, a free £10 voucher for the shop (meaning you pay £4.93 for Origin :D) and 30 day free trial of the dvd rental when you sign up now :D

This is the best possible deal they offer, i could have brought you the £5 voucher which would get me an extra £3 per signup, but i want you to have the best possible offer :D

Gundam Wing Endless Waltz £6.99

Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz: The Movie

Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz: The Movie

£6.99 Free Delivery

Usually dispatched within 1-2 weeks

Click Here

Having never seen Endless Waltz i couldnt say whether its a sequel or stand alone thing to Wing, so i'm going to give it a try and buy one :)
I found a few prices for this on the way, amazon at around £8 and some on ebay for roughly this price but with a few £ p&p, so came to the conclusion is offering the cheapest in terms of price and postage.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Blue Dragon Goodies & Preorders

Vols 1&2 from £10.69 or £11.98

Based on the Xbox 360 video game, with character designs by Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Z!

  • Length: 200 mins
  • Certificate: 12
  • Encoding: PAL
  • No. of Discs: 2
  • Aspect Ratio: 1.33
  • Format: DVD - Plastic
  • Interactive Menus: Yes
  • Scene Selection: Yes
Next up some Preorders

Vols 3&4 £11.98

Vols 5&6 £11.98

While it doesnt appeal to me that much, Blue Dragon seems to be doing alright for itself with a manga and 51 episode long Anime spinoff.
At this price i would consider buying myself a copy, but i think i need to pay a visit to youtube or invest in a crunchyroll account beforehand.

Gurren Lagann part 2 two disc set Cheaper Price Update

With the help of a member of the forums it seems that Amazon are now offering Gurren Lagann part 2 for preorder, a penny less than is :)

I know i know, its only a penny, but still... The purpose of this blog is to update you with the cheapest Anime around, so here you are :D

Note to self: Cancel the 20 orders from A 20 pence saving is still a saving!!!

Death Note BoxSet

Once again if you dislike Amazon, HMV are selling the set (preorder) for a penny extra!

I usually dont download my Anime, i prefer the real deal so always buy the dvds, but because this set hasnt come out yet i've been FORCED to download them (i know, the individual vols are out, but i wouldnt waste my money).

This is about the cheapest your going to get until theres some second hand sales on amazon, play or ebay, so soak up the 28% saving!

Definately an Anime you should watch, i must admit that the only reason why i checked it out is cause its all over the internet, not because i was in the slightest bit interested!
Its just so clever! The main characters fumble over each other for power and controll, when you think L is one step ahead of Light, Its actually Light thats two steps ahead of L!

I would describe it as a more thrilling version of the investigation part of Silence of the lambs and Hannibal, without all the gore etc and with an even greater story.

If you havent seen any Death Note you should kick yourself, stream a few episodes now then buy the set ;)

Ghost in the shell Goodies

A few Ghost in the shell goodies now
BUT, The price depends on where you buy them from, the double set of movies are available from amazon for £4.48 with £1.61 postage, or free postage if you spend £5 or more...

Or from for £4.49 with free delivery Click Here
So if you're looking at more than just this to buy from amazon, then thats the cheapest option rather than from

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Trilogy Box Set

Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Trilogy Box Set

RRP: £34.29 You Save: £25.80

DVD £8.49 Free Delivery

Click Here

Note to self: Buy these

Last Exile 7 Disc Collection £23.98

RRP: £70.99
Price: £23.98 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery.
You Save: £47.01 (66%)

Sounds like a pretty good deal, £24 and you've got 7 dvds - 650 mins - 10 hours of Anime :D

I found out about this series when i was a member of lovefilm, until the point i cancelled my account i was going to rent it out, so for this price i'm definately going to give it a try ;)

P.S. It might be on amazon but its the cheapest i can find by 1 pence, have the set available for £23.99 if you'd rather buy from them.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Gurren Lagann part 2 two disc set £7.99 + Ebay talk

Gurren Lagann: Pt.2 (2 Disc)
£7.99 Free Delivery

RRP: £34.99 | You save: £27.00 (77%)

Pre-order. | Due for release on 17/08/2009

Click Here

Heres another that i havent got round to seeing yet, glady i can say that once i recieve my order of these i should be able to afford the first part :D

The offer is from, so obviously quite reputable, due to the fact it is also a pre-order item you should have no trouble recieving these, they should order more as the demand increases but theres still the possibility you wont get anything if they decide to not deliver.

But, 77% off for something thats not even out yet is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet :D
I've ordered 20 sets, so as soon as i recieve these i'll be ebaying them.

Also, a note about my future ebay listings:

As you can tell when theres a good deal going i always buy in bulk, which is what i call OMTRE - One's Mine The Rest's Ebay's :-D

For orders such as this one where i'll have 19 to sell, the first 5 will go on ebay for a penny with free postage, auction ofcourse, I'm not stupid enough to list them for a penny as a buy it now LOL!
After that the rest will go on either an auction or BIN for around the same sort of price the first few went for.

So even if you dont get to the blog in time for the deals, you can still save later on with my ebay listings :-D

Bleach Goodies

As someone who hasnt seen Bleach yet i havent really thought about putting it at the top of my "to buy list", so i havent got anywhere with it.
After the sale of a few of the NGE box sets i'll probably get round to buying season one of this, just for a taster :P

Series 1 part 1

Series 1 part 2

Picture of -  Bleach: Series 1: Part 2: 2dvd

  • £10.00
  • free uk delivery

RRP £19.99 - Your saving £9.99

Click Here

Series 1 Complete Box Set
Bleach - Complete Series 1 Box Set

RRP: £34.29 You Save: £19.40

DVD £14.89 Free Delivery

Click Here

Series 2 part 2
Bleach - Series 2 Part 2

RRP: £19.79 You Save: £15.30

DVD £4.49 Free Delivery

Click Here

Series 2 Complete Box Set

Series 4 part 1 PRE-ORDER

As you can see theres some good buys there, especially the Series 4 pre-order, its not even out and your already saving 52%, resale value? Ehhh, i wouldnt bother really, it retails for £25 and if your paying £12 then you've only got £13 to make, on ebay there wouldnt be much point with the fees and postage, but you can try :D

Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: Collection

Buy Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum: Collection [DVD Video Disc] on DVD with .  Another great DVD choice at  Click on the 'Add to your basket' button.

Just £27.99

RRP £99.99

Click Here

Now usually when i come across a company i've never heard of before i like to take a look at a selection of items to see whether they are genuine or not, which in some cases still poses substantially less threat if they only take your money once they have despatched the items (which you can then get proof of postage), which is the case here.

One option i thought was quite unique is to select when you want the transaction to be placed, not enough money in the bank now? Payday next week? Are these dvds going to skyrocket in price within the next few minutes?! Then ask to have it despatched in a weeks time :D

I've taken my fill of these, 10 sets at £27.99, if i get them then excellent if not then theres no money wasted, but this offer is a day or two old and yesterday the price did climb to £42.99, back to £27.99 sometime this afternoon, so order quick before you lose out!

  • Interactive menus
  • Scene access
  • Subtitles (English)
  • Commentary
  • Other documentaries
  • Booklet
  • 4 Directors Cut Episodes
  • 8 Animatic Episodes
  • 3 Exclusive Limited Edition Art Cards
  • Just £27.99
  • RRP £99.99
  • Save 72%
  • Free UK delivery
  • Usually despatched in 1-3 weeks
  • Not until payday! Choose a date at the checkout!
If i am to only recieve one set i'll be happy :D

"What does the scouter say about the blog post count?","Its over 9000!!!","This is the 1ST you idiot!"

So i guess i should introduce myself before i get on the roll to whatever it is i'm going to be doing here...

"Hi, I'm Barry Scott!" Is one of my favourite quotes for piss-take value, guaranteed to make you laugh every time unless of course you've never seen the advert..... In which case you need to watch more TV.

And for the proper introduction:

I'm James, I'm 18 and have been an Anime fan since i was nine.
I was introduced to Anime by the ever memorable Pokemon which got me watching Dragon ball Z, Tenchi Muyo and Gundam Wing.

After a few years i slowly got out of Anime due to the part of growing up where you denounce all interest in "Cartoons", though gladly i re-entered Anime a few years back with Dragon Ball Z and have since been hooked to the point of stupidity with a dash of money pains, luckily i was told this was not fatal and i was let out of hospital with a pound coin to be taken thrice daily until recovery.

More recently...
I've been a member of the Uk Anime Club for a couple of months now More about this here and am an active member in the forum , where the obvious happens, except that whenever the forum members meet up in real life any physical contact causes them to transform into one of the 12 animals of the chinese zodiac.

Now anyway.... AND THE CAT! *Damn*

The Legend:

The Anime Bargain thread on the forums proves very popular, the idea is simple - find a good deal and share the link.
After some research by one member it appeared that Asda were selling the £100 Gundam Wing Remastered Box Set at (what could be described as) a mind meltingly stupid price, a total of £2.93!

After checking this out i brought one, and less than 10 mins later the item was "unavailable" according to the site... More research showed that multiple sites were offering the same deal, but the items were all suspiciously "unavailable"... Yeah...

This got me thinking, so off i went on a magical journey, with streetlights and people, people who were living just to find emotion, hiding somewhere in the NIIIIIIIIIIII.... Sorry, Journey's just such a good band :)
After a magical trip through the 80's i came back to the present in search of more Anime,
figuring out later that if the sales do go through (which is not always guaranteed if the sites go out of stock) then i would be very close to not being able to buy the £300 bus pass for college next year... LOL!

I need say no more than:


So? Whats the point of all this?

The point of all this my good friends, is that i'm constantly on the look out for a good bargain, deal, misprice, discount, free dvd, competition and everything else you could possibly think of.
When i find something it will be posted on here for all to see, that way we both can come out on top - i find the deals and have my fill, post them up for you to take advantage of and wallah!

Now what i need in return is something from you, simply a list of what Anime you're interested in for me to keep in mind when finding these deals, obviously i dont know of every series/OVA/movie out there so by this you'll be giving me alot more to work on and keep the blog updated with.

So thats it basically, goodbye!

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