Monday, 14 September 2009

Death Note Goodies, Pre-Orders and some updates for the last few weeks

First up, The series - The cheapest around is amazon, a penny infront of
Personally even if were the cheapest around i'd still choose amazon, why? Because like to charge me BEFORE they despatch anything, which then means i have to wait a month while the status says "order taken" before i can tell them i was charged but nothing was sent.

Anyways, Get an order in now BEFORE it is released, as the price will surely increase afterwards to near enough the RRP.

Next up, a 4 disc special edition set of the 2 movies:

Once again i believe a penny cheaper than everywhere else, expect to pay roughly £9.99 for EACH of the movies separately, though you can find the odd HMV selling each for £6 if you're lucky - Still, whats the point when you can get the set right here, with 2 extra discs :D

I notice on amazon lots of people seem to buy both movies separately after viewing the listing for the set.... Helloooo.... £12 for the two vs £9.98 separately....? Wake up people!

And there we have it, most of my september (and some of octobers) spending in one post!


Right, Whats happened over the last few days/weeks?
Lets see... have finally charged me for the 2 patlabor 1&2 special editions i ordered a while back, although they havent posted them yet - read above.

Got some Elfen Lied figures, Nyu and still awaiting the arrival of Nana who should be here tomorrow or wednesday.

The 20 Gurren Lagann part 2 sets that i ordered from amazon should be sent out during the next week so long as the release date isnt put back again.

I'm about to recieve another voucher from swagbucks, meaning that i will only need another 1 voucher before i can redeem for an Elfen Lied artbox off of the american amazon site.

Search & Win
Really easy, they get comission from the web results you get in searches you make, results are pulled from google and other engines so you get pretty decent results and get paid for it :)

The two extra Gundam Wing boxsets are now listed on ebay after a VERY long time of them sitting on my shelf.

The two Patlabor 2 limited edition sets i got from a while back have now been reduced to £18.99 on ebay.

And finally, I still have 4 Platinum Evangelion Tins (region 2) left for sale if anyone wants one, £42.50 each which includes p&p, comment here if your interested :)

Dont forget to check back over offers i've posted in the last week or two, some offers may still be available

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Devil May Cry £14.98 Preorder

Ok so maybe its not a saving of 60%+, but i also mentioned that if i find something reasonably cheaper than everywhere else i'd still post it, so here we have a preorder for the Devil May Cry Anime movie :)

Personally i havent played any of the games so cant comment on the storyline or any expectations, i purchased #4 (i think?) from HMV a few months back along with 99 Nights but still havent got round to touching it yet.

Dont forget to check back over offers i've posted in the last week or two, some offers may still be available.